PROMPROEKT is a team of top-ranked professionals
committed to the European approach
to solving the most complex problems

  • Жолудева Наталия, генеральный директор "Промпроект"
    региона РФ в области
    Жолудева Наталия
    Генеральный директор. Руководитель лаборатории неразрушающего контроля.
  • 2005-2016

    Мы с удовольствием
    беремся за сложные
    проекты и решения
    нестандартных задач

    Дмитрий Шувалов
    Руководитель международных проектов. Эксперт по промышленной безопасности.

The company was launched with a view to take a rightful place in the market of expert services on industrial safety. PROMPROEKT is firmly based on the technical competence of its experts and the European approach to management. To achieve our goals, we are constantly improving.

We have gained our experience by participating in large international projects of Nord Stream 1 and South Stream gas pipelines construction and in cooperation with such companies as Nord Stream AG, South Stream Transport B.V., Saipem, Siemens, Rosen Europe B.V., PetrolValves and many others.

We welcome you and would appreciate serving you to achieve success!
Our motto

We know the way. This is the philosophy of a guide. We aim to become a guide in the world of hazardous production facilities, for both our western and domestic partners.

You have a problem — we have the only right way to solve it.
and Philosophy
of the Company

Our mission
is to provide efficient professional services on the design works, construction
and operation of hazardous production facilities.

PROMPROEKT focuses on the European approach to management, which involves the continuous employee training and the transparency of business processes and pricing policy. We stand out for our willingness to take responsibility in achieving the goals of our clients. The company accumulates the efforts and potential of leading industry experts united by a common management system to obtain the most impressive results.

We guarantee
a free detailed consultation
for each client.

2005 - 2016
  • 2015Acquisition of Rostekhnadzor perpetual license for the right to perform industrial safety examination.
  • 2011The company conversion into PROMPROEKT Group of Companies.
  • 2010Creation of
    PROMSTROIPROEKT, a separate Design and Construction Subdivision.
    Nord Stream project implementation.
  • 2009Creation of our own
    non-destructive testing laboratory.
  • 2006Acquisition of Rostekhnadzor license for examination
  • 2005PROMPROEKT company establishment.
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