Development of Accident Localization and Elimination Plans, Emergency Response Plans



Accident Localization and Elimination Plansare developed for:

  • determination of possible scenarios of emergency onset and development;
  • determination of preparedness for localization and elimination of emergencies on a hazardous industrial facility;
  • planning of actions of the industrial personnel and emergency response services (units) on localization and elimination of emergencies at corresponding development stages;
  • elaboration of measures on emergency protection improvement and accident consequences reduction;
  • identification of sufficiency of measures undertaken to prevent emergencies on a facility.

Development of an Accident Localization and Elimination Plan may be performedindependently (by corporate staff) or with the involvement of specialists of an expert company experienced indevelopment of industrial safety declarations and Accident Localization and Elimination Plansfor hazardous industrial facilities.

Technicalmanager of the company takes the responsibility for timely and proper development of Accident Localization and Elimination Plans and their compliance with present Guidelines.

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